FirstMed's Premium plan

Looking for a medical plan where you can see English-speaking doctors when you need them in a friendly and professional environment?

Would you like to see your doctor in a easy to reach office where you are not waiting hours or days to be seen?

Is looking after your health all year long important to you?

First time plan holders take 20% off in 2019!

If yes, a FirstMed Premium plan is right for you!
Lab & Diagnostics

Seeing your doctor has never been easier

Providing exceptional experiences 

The FirstMed Premium plan is your annual clinic medical plan allowing you to consult our staff when you need them, not when they have time for you. Seeing an English-speaking primary care, or family doctor, couldn't be easier. Our doctors take the time to examine your medial issues, listen to your concerns, and speak to you in a professional manner.  

When you have more specialized medial issues requireing a specialist you're not going to wait months for an appointment. We know time is important to you so scheduled appointments work to limit the time spent waiting to see the doctor. Our plans offer year-round care for you including an annual health check, women's exam, flu vaccination, and more.

About FirstMed

Our Staff

FirstMed´s success is a result of its highly-qualified and dedicated staff who strive to deliver outstanding patient experience through comprehensive consultations in a clean and comfortable environment. FirstMed places a high value continuing medical education, regularly sending staff to conferences in the United States and around the world to keep current on medical issues

Our Friendly Team

From the moment you enter our offices to the follow-up engagement after your visit, you will feel our commitment to providing the best possible experience to you. Our caring and respectful staff are here to ensure that your visit with us, maybe when you are not feeling at your best, is as comfortable and efficient as possible.


FirstMed has been seeing patients for over 20 years in our medical facility inside the Hattyú Ház; conveniently located nearby the Mammut shopping center.  

Since opening we continue to expaned our range of specialized services. Additioanlly we offer special Saturday hours for the doctors you need most; GPs, pediatrics, orthopedics, gynecology and PT.  


Primary care

FirstMed primary care doctors work to develop a trusting relationships with you. Primary care physicians:  

  • Diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Provide healthy-living advice  
  • Arrange specialty care visits  
  • Prescribe required medications


Sometimes a primary care doctor isn't enough. In this case your doctor will refer you to one from our team of specialists. Our specialists are here to help you maintian your health. For a list of specialists please click here.

Lab & Diagnostics

Labs and Diagnostics

FirstMed’s diagnosticians will use various tests and procedures to identify or rule out possible diseases or disorders. Whether it's a X-ray or ultrasound, a mammogram or in-house la0boratory test, we will provide thorough and timely diagnostics results for you from our modern equipment and on-site lab. .  

What Our Planholders Think...

You have a first rate operation and organization superior to any other I with which I came into contact in several countries over several decades. 

 Everyone I met at FirstMed has been courteous and efficient, while the doctors were genuinely interested in their patients.

Charles K.

"I have been a FirstMed patient since moving to Budapest 5+ years ago. One of the best decisions I have ever made! 

 The care has been good and the service is efficient. Heartily recommend..”

Larry Ellis

I've been with FirstMed since I arrived in the late 90s. I too am covered by the national health and also opt for FirstMed's Premium Plan for my family. 

Like others, I've had an emergency in the wee hours of the morning and thet saw me out-of-hours. I'm grateful to them for catching a potentially fatal congenital problem.

Eric Hofer

A special offer to Members of the North American Women’s Association (NAWA) of Budapest  

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Now through June 31, 2019 current members of the North American Women’s Association (NAWA) of Budapest may enjoy a one-time 20% discount off the price of the first year of a Premium plan celebrate our 20th year in business.*

Premium plan: HUF 205,000 just HUF 164,000 for a limited time! (only through this web offer)

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* This offer from FirstMed is only available for all current NAWA members and their adult families who sign up via this webform. The 20% discount is only applicable to new, first-time plan holders individually or for groups less than 5 people. No additional discounts will be given. This offer may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. This offer begins July 1, 2018 .